Build Your Own

If you are in a travel, insurance, credit repair, health, financial, direct selling and or online company please brand yourself. I repeat please brand yourself.

Consumers do not buy into companies, they buy into you. People don’t buy from companies, people buy from people. You know this all your life, time to put into practice now that you are running your own business.

Get your own logo, build your own website and put these companies under your own brand. You don’t have to do it all at once, but make a start.

Need a website, we can help

Need financing to get your business going, we can help

Need help registering your business, we can help

Need help getting leads and exposure for your business, we can help


Never stay loyal to one company. Stay loyal only to yourself. Always be true to yourself.

If you want to put multiple health/travel/finance/credit repair/insurance/roadside assistance/legal companies under your own umbrella so be it. Just do it, but do it and make it your own.

If your company does not allow that then tell them kick rocks and find as many companies under your niche that does.

Do not let your upline tell you different because they are about getting that paper from you. I have seen too many times people just being led blindly by their upline. Remember this, their main goal is to get you to spend money, as long as you spending money you making them money, most could care less if you actually make money.

Think about it, have your upline ever offered to give you anything, free lead, free coaching, free sale?

This is about freedom, entrepreneurship, money and time. I see so many people going extra hard for their company and it reminds me of an employee going extra hard for their boss. No different from being employed and building someone else’s dreams. This is not to bash you but to make you better.

Lets get this money.


First thing first, lets teach you how to brand yourself.

Click here for step 1


Ashield Hodge

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